People-friendly and biblically-based. You will find the people here to be friendly and ready to welcome you. Many of our newer members have quickly found this to be a place where they can call home. Our values and beliefs come from the Bible, not an individual leader or a committee. We are a part of the Evangelical Free denomination. Check out our BELIEFS and our page on Discover Hope classes.

In the past few years our mission teams have gone to New Orleans, Texas, two Indian Reservations in Washington, Vancouver B.C., San Francisco, Jamaica, and South Africa, Costa Rica and Mexico.

You can come with these expectations:

YOU can wear what's comfortable. We're more concerned with meeting real life needs than what you wear.

YOU won't be singled out or put on the spot in any way. We offer plenty of ways to be involved, but you can feel free to sit in the back and check things out at your own pace.

YOU won't be asked for money.

YOU can expect to be greeted by at least one friendly person. We're glad to have you!